We provide aviation-related services to civil governmental and non-governmental national and international operators


NATEC AVIONICS  Ltd – a private reliable aviation-related company established in 2006.
From the outset of its business activity it specializes in supplying an extensive range of spare parts, components and assemblies, avionics, rotables, ground support equipment, accessories, tooling and materials and also maintenance, repair/overhaul of aviation equipment and avionics with warranty and after-sales technical services in operation mainly for Mi type helicopters and An aircrafts. We provide these aviation-related services to civil governmental and non-governmental national and international operators


More than 16 years on the market


CJSC «NATEC AVIONICS» has constantly upgraded data base
(more then 350 000 catalogue positions) for spare parts, components and assemblies almost for all types
of aviation products produced in UIC (Union of independent countries)

•   Aviation and radio electronic equipments
•   Navigation equipment
•   Avionics
•   Glider elements
•   Hydraulic and fuel supply systems

•   Glazes and lighting equipment
•   Elements of aircraft salon interior
•   Measuring and diagnostic equipment
•   Rubber products
•   Ground equipment and aerodrome equipment


Mi-8 and Mi-17 type helicoptersAn-24, An-26 and An-32 type aircraft, completed
with full package of spare parts, technical documentation,
warranties and after-sale product support services

•   Aircraft engines: ТВ2-117АГ, ТВ3-117ВМ, ТВ3-117ВМА, ТВ3-117МТ, Д-136В, Аи-20, Аи-24
•   APUs: AИ-9В, TA-6A
•   Main Gear Boxes, Intermediate Gear Boxes, Main Rotor Hubs, Swash Plates, Main Rotor Blades, Tail Rotor Blades
•   Aircraft DC Generators and Alternators of various types
•   Electronic, electrical, navigation, lighting and ice-protection equipment
•   Oxygen system equipment, aircraft controls, fuel supply, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, heating and air conditioning systems, fire extinguishing equipment
•   Other aviation-related spare parts, components, assemblies and systems


CJSC «NATEC AVIONICS» offers international customers aeronautical engineering supply
and after-sale product support programs, among them:

Worldwide delivery

Supplying of aircraft, aeronautical engineering, components and assemblies to international operators


Organizing repair/overhaul and upgrading of aeronautical engineering.


Organizing the works for the extension of aeronautical engineering service life in operating conditions


Organizing the skills training for the oversea operational staff in proper operation and repair of aeronautical engineering at manufacture and repair facilities

CJSC «NATEC AVIONICS» successfully fulfills its international trade activity by supplying aeronautical engineering, spare parts and services precisely tailored to meet each customer’s needs and requirements thanking to an extensive and long experience of its professional staff gained while operating aeronautical engineering with Air Force and commercial airlines;

CJSC «NATEC AVIONICS» mostly operates in regions with Russian produced aeronautical engineering such as countries of South Eastern Asia, Africa, Europe, Central and Latin America.


CJSC «NATEC AVIONICS» has a successful cooperation with more then 250 aviation plants in Russia and UIC (Union of independent countries). This makes us possible to provide our customers with the full range of after-sale technical services for aircrafts and aviation equipments in all over the world.

Distributor agreements with production plants and overhaul enterprises provide our customers with direct supplies of aviation products and services. Our partners consider CJSC «NATEC AVIONICS» as a huge marketing instrument, which enhances its position in the international aviation market.

Today we offer our skills for those, who chooses Russian aircraft and helicopters.

Our partners are from many countries worldwide, such as Russia, USA, China, Peru, Columbia, New Zeland, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Singapore, France, Slovakia, Moldova, Madagaskar, Gambia, Lithuania, Georgia. All of them enjoy high level quality of services as well as reliable and trustworthy business-like co-operation with CJSC «NATEC AVIONICS»

Sales network covers 30 countries. Annual orders amount to 40 000 catalogue positions from Russian and foreign customers. Successful cooperation with more then 250 aviation plants in Russia and UIC. Distributor agreements with production plants and overhaul enterprises. Advanced marketing in international aviation market.

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